Levels A, B, C and D














These classes are designed for the younger ballet students. Each level is carefully  structured to develop technique, musicality, classroom etiquette, and discipline.





Level A provides an introduction to ballet for beginning four- and five-year-olds.  Formal ballet training begins in Level B for children who are generally age  six to eight. We recommend students at this early stage of development take  class once a week. Taking class twice a week helps dancers in Level C begin  to develop muscle memory. At Level D an additional third class per week is  recommended to prepare the student for more advanced training.


Students are not advanced to the next level based on age. Each student  progresses to the next level only when she or he meets training criteria.


At Level B and above, students may be offered the opportunity to audition  for mainstage performances, when appropriate. With few exceptions, each MAB  student who auditions when eligible will be cast. These are opportunities  to appear in full-length ballet productions (not recitals) and involve additional  rehearsal time outside of class. In this way, no class time is lost in preparing  for a show, and the student continues to progress in his or her training  while gaining valuable theater experience.



(*) Scheduled as a combined class for levels D and E


The class schedule is subject to change.  MAB reserves the right to cancel any class at any time.  Changes to the schedule will be announced on the Home Page of our web site.

Dress Code

Dress Code for Levels A and B:
Ladies – Any style black leotard, pink wrap skirt, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes. Legwarmers may be worn in cold weather. No garbage bag pants. Hair must be securely off face in at least a ponytail, bun preferred.


Gentlemen – White short-sleeve t-shirt, black shorts or sweatpants (not too baggy), white socks and white leather ballet shoes


Dress Code for Levels C and D:
Ladies – Any style black leotard, pink wrap skirt, pink tights (convertible preferred), pink canvas or leather ballet shoes. Black jazz shoes are optional. Legwarmers may be worn in cold weather. No garbage bag pants or loose-fitting warm-ups in class. Hair must be off face and neck and secured into a neat bun. No jewelry please, except small earrings.


Gentlemen – White short-sleeve or sleeveless t-shirt, black tights with dance belt, and black canvas or leather ballet shoes. Long hair must be in a ponytail.

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