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This area is for Mid-Atlantic Ballet dancers and families.


Take class with intention and purpose, focus, and always work to the best of your abilities. Work smart in class listen to the corrections that are given to everyone and apply them to yourself. Work even when you are tired.  This will increase your stamina and build the strength needed to get through a full length ballet.

Schedule for the week of  April 24, 2017 


Monday Apr 24      Studio 1 Level GHI, Contemporary / Sandra
                              Studio 2 Level E, DE Contemporary / Patrick
                              Studio 3 Level D, F / Miguel



Tuesday Apr 25     Studio 1 Level F,GHI / Priscilla

                             Studio 2 Level C, F Contemporary / Patrick
                                            Adult Ballet / Bea


Wednesday Apr 26  Studio 1 Level B, GHI /Bea

                               Studio 2 Level Boys, E /Miguel

                               Studio 3 Level D, F / Patrick


Thursday Apr 27     Studio 1 Level C, GHI / Sandra

                               Studio 2 Level E, Adult Ballet / Bea

                               Studio 3 Level A, F / Miguel


Friday Apr 28         Studio 1 Level E, GHI / Sandra

                              Studio 2 Level D /Patrick


Saturday Apr 29     Studio 1 Level B, C, FGHI, Contemporary / Carolyn

                              Studio 2 Level A, DE, Contemporary / Patrick




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The next meeting of the MAB Board of Directors will be held on Tuesday, April 11 from 6:30-8:30.  This meeting will be held at MAB .  All members are welcome to attend.

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Our Location

Mid-Atlantic Ballet

506 Interchange Boulevard

Newark, DE


Mailing Address:

PO Box 161
Newark, DE 19715

Phone: 302.266.6362


Studio Hours

During our regular season our dance studio is open during the following hours:


Monday - 4:00-9:00
Tuesday - 4:00-9:00
Wednesday - 4:00-9:00
Thursday - 4:00-9:00
Friday - 4:00-9:00
Saturday - 8:00-1:00
Sunday - CLOSED


Also available by appointment.

Inclement Weather Notice

In times of inclement weather, cancellations will be posted by noon on weekdays or by 8 AM on Saturdays.  Please check our web site or our phone message (302-266-6362) to learn of

class cancellations.

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